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The Menace of Happiness

In the Early Hours

by The Worship of Silence

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Colin M.
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Colin M. I think one listen to "Into the Early Hours" and it is pretty darn obvious why you should buy it. Favorite track: (It's not better than the) Drugs.
Nerve Salad
Nerve Salad thumbnail
Nerve Salad An association with Hammers of Misfortune (also somewhat associated with Slough Feg) makes this necessary. Word to the wise: Do not let these things get all mildewy in your wishlist like I tend to do. It's the stoner/doom you need.
Matthew Rukgaber
Matthew Rukgaber thumbnail
Matthew Rukgaber Put this on when you can have 45 minutes uninterrupted to travel the journey of these 3 tracks. Obviously the vocalist of Hammers of Misfortune kills. But the music is just as delicious: like a Tool-Neurosis sandwich with extra awesome-sauce. Will be on my personal best-of 2016 list. Favorite track: (It's not better than the) Drugs.
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released July 25, 2016



all rights reserved


The Worship of Silence Oakland, California

Melodic stoner-doom band from Oakland California featuring members of Hammers of Misfortune and Floating Glasses.

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Track Name: (It's not better than the) Drugs
(It’s Not Better Than the) Drugs

In a casino of libertines
Mouths peeling like slot machines,
That never dispense
Eyes spinning like sevens,
That never line up
Where nothing is sober

In a noise cloud so bright and so loud
Where nothing is focused, and nothing heard
Groping and grasping anything that gives in
Only leaves you clutching at weeds
‘til they come out the ground
Where nothing is sober

The signs you did not head
They will not bend, they will not break
They only stand, defiant
Monuments to your true disease
It’s all these little things that only come through when you bleed
Low and lonely it seems to be the only thing to see
This can’t be love
It’s not better than the drugs

Like flashing lights and fucking fist fights
We’re all punch drunk from all these easy nights
With starry trails, like burning kites
The scenery just might take your life
Low and lonely, the old belief that it’s all we’ll be
No, this can’t be love
We won’t feel better tomorrow
No, this can’t be love
It’s not better than the drugs

When the morning comes will it clean away all the sweat and shame?
When this dawn devours all the drinks and drugs that made us feel the same
We all come drunk and stoned
We all cum drunk and stoned

From here on out you’ll never show the pain you have obtained
You’ll never hold yourself with such regard as with distain
Your precious box of scars, to which you’ve given several names
From here on out you’ll never know yourself or who’s to blame

From here on out you’ll never show the pain you have obtained
Your memory is faltered and is skipping frame by frame
There is no sync only static and patterns that remain
From here on out you’ll never know yourself or who’s to blame

When all these single nights are just a haze
And we’ve compromised ourselves in many ways
When giving is innocent and receipt fault
And we’ve only got the next one to hold

When all these things are said and done, and lust faded by the sun
When all these lies are said and spun, and you only bite your tongue
And it’s still only you, just as you’ve become
Will it ever change, ever change all at once
No, it’s all the same, all the same, just as it was
Just as it was before

When all is said and done, and lust faded by the sun, will you shield your eyes
When all these lies are spun, and you only bite your tongue, will you sew your lip
It’s hollow and hard to find
We’re masters of this closing in circles
The lights are gone
Track Name: The Palest Parts of You
The Palest Parts of You

Stay asleep, don’t bat an eye
Breathe deep, and ignore the light
Let it come, calm and quiet
It’s cold inside
But it’s hot enough
Where it all goes down in

The sun has shooed away the moon
These filthy seedy dreams have brought me to you
Patience is lost
Groggy greedy hands go crawling across the seams
Where holy light wont see a thing
As you turn yourself to me, only with the dawn, I’ll take what I need
As your eyes part to see, your lips gasp in this frigid breeze
It’s hot enough where it all goes down in

Well even though the sun, it barely glows through, I’m all over you
As this budding sun, paints the silver blue light on the palest parts of you
Sunday morning needs nothing more from me and you, but I do from you
I can’t resist the smell and slick of this that’s only true deep in you

So, we wallow in filth and collapse

Lean in where it’s pressed firm against the skin
Let it all move closer, let it all begin
How long can it last, how strong will it grow
Only time can tell, only we will know

Give in as it comes, give it all it needs
Taking what you can, take it all from me
How long can it last, how strong will it grow
Only time can tell, only we will know

As fingertips turn to nails, and lips bare jagged teeth
A fist full of hair, pulls you under me
How long can it last, how strong will it grow
Only time can tell, only we will know

Patience has eluded me again, I swear I can’t restrain it
It’s pulling and pushing me harder against this bed
As it creaks the beast with two backs wakes
Rising and writhing, shaking and breaking
The silence of this Sunday morning bathed in sweat

I can’t breathe
Breathe for me
So we cum, and collapse
Falling back to sleep at last
So we wallow in filth, and collapse
Track Name: Trying to Breathe Through Your Eyes
Trying to Breathe Through Your Eyes

Act I
I see this light flash off and I’ve come here waiting watching all that’s been done in your house
My eyes never wander, my history is done with all will survive in close
Death to open this dream to be like amphetamines
My hope, my will, will die without you
My dearest, doom will only find you when this goes
I’ve come here before god

You had a life
I gave you mine
You had a choice
Options denied

You’re my bloody obsession
Now die under my thumb
Oh, woe, is you again
Now run from me and save yourself

Waiting, just beyond the shadows line, all is calm
Patience, is often just a waste of time, so I have come
All is numb

Act II
Smash through the window, avoid the glass shards
Place my feet where the boards won’t betray my creep
All at once I throw myself on you
Place my hand on your throat, try and press it through you
What a wicked way to wake, familiar eyes bearing down on you
Abrupt as any light flash, as sound as any stones crash
It’s all coming down on you
Flailing arms and flying fingernail catches on my skin it sinks in
Leaves a tell trail reminder here, one that they’ll use to place me there
Trying to scream through your eyes, but I can’t hear a thing
Trying to breathe through your eyes, because your mouth don’t work no more
Starving for oxygen, your brains trying to pull it through the skin
Nothings getting in
I can feel your heart beat fight against my palm
And then it’s calm
All again this fractured night is silent
Numbly turn to leave over creaking boards, through snapping glass on the floor
Through shattered window pane
The foggy streets that won’t let me see far enough to know how far I’ve come
To be where you don’t see me anyway
And it all just guides me home
Where I used to sleep but sleep don’t come no more
I just lay on the floor and stare
Trying not to think about it all
Trying not to let it eat away anymore as I wait
Wait for them to find me