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Amplified by the Sun

by The Worship of Silence

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Previously unreleased track from the early days of The Worship of Silence. Recorded in SF at Louder Studios by Tim Green on 2" tape. The original tapes were recently found, digitally transferred and mastered. Look for more songs of those seasons to be added soon.
Art by Lexi Knudsen


Amplified by the Sun
…the story of, but not necessarily the words to.

The sun has died, and left us to follow suit
The sun has died, and all that’s left is doom

As the Sun finally burned out, and the earth lost its gravitational tether to reality and existence as it always had been. Spinning into space, the earth’s skin tore open, and devoured all the seas. The earth’s heart and core began to compete with its great bodies of water for dominance as the existing source of life. But, as they fight, it becomes clear that both are of equal volume and power. Ultimately, each is consumed by the other. Powered by the scalding steam, great storms of sand and salt swept across the surface of the planet, eroding it to a smooth, and nearly featureless landscape.

No more sun for shining
No more sea for sailing
All that’s left is one man
All that stands is Carbon Mountain

One mountain still remains piercing the horizon. Its core, made of a solid form of carbon, became the axis for the swirling storms. After hundreds of years of violent and abrasive abuse, Carbon Mountain was shaped into a perfect cone. When the storms had cooled and settled, a subtle noise stirred in the desolate air of the earth. One man of halted evolution rustled from his cave deep inside Conical Carbon Mountain. In a past world, an engineer of unachievable potential, and a collector of the artifacts of sound.

The sun has died, and left us to follow suit
The sun has died, and all that’s left is doom

At the very end of the sun as a great burning star of life, it imploded. The great star shattered into a thousand different directions. One of thousands hunted the earth in its eternal path to nowhere. Time immeasurably passed, and the small stone of the sun finally set in to end the lost planet completely. With a bead on the earth, its line of sight became obstructed. The moon had hung on. It did so with seeming desperation. At one moment weakly holding on to the finest thread of dependence, and the next gone. The suns last victim.

Falling satellite
Grows closer in eternal night

In an exchange of noise on a stellar level, the corpse of the sun began to orbit the earth. It did not however, orbit perfectly. Like some limp satellite, it was slowly falling… slowly submitting to the now greater mass of the earth. Soaring closer and closer to the earth, the sun finally joined it. It found its home in a deafening collision, and Conical Carbon Mountain shivered but stood against the sun.

A signal is supplied
A sine wave is amplified

The shake was followed by a subtle stirring deep inside the last protrusion on earth. The final Engineer emerged and started up the mountain to claim the sun. In his arms he could feel its greatness, and in a feat no more unbelievable than his continuing existence, he returned to his cave with the only possible future. Being who he was, all he could do was continually try to mate the sun to the devices he had held since the end of time. Finally a vacuum tube amplifier buzzed in its company, but made no true sound. A few wires and a wave generating machine of the Engineers own construction, back when the sun still shone and the seas still swelled, took care of that. Conical Carbon Mountain shook, and with it the earth.

Eyes have no focus
Sight only betrays
Come close and listen
Life exists in sound waves

As sonic tremors pulsed through the dirt and the grit of earth, things began to move. Not only did they move with the vibration, but because of it, and ultimately, of their own power…. A new life through thermonuclear amplification.

Your bible-scope says, you’ve found a new life
We are the new priests
We bring the new breath
The new god, exists in sound waves

As long as there is something, anything, to twitch; evolution will force it to do so to the extent of its abilities. Such is the case with the small and seemingly insignificant critters that had started to develop in the sonic shadow of Conical Carbon Mountain on the otherwise featureless earth. In the same slow and lumbering process that evolution had taken in the previous path of the earth around the sun, life slowly pressed forward. A world that existed only in vibration was starting to shake with new sounds. As critters and creatures developed the ability and instinctual desire to create sounds, a consciousness was beginning to form, and just like the last time the earth suckled from the sun, a biped of a higher consciousness was starting to achieve understanding. The greater the noise, the more life coursed through the cells of their soft structures. They gathered around the makers of noise, and they created communities around the sounds that most excited their bodies. Amphitheaters were built and congregations formed around the new priests. A new world, amplified by the sun.

The makers of sound and the bringers of life.

The new priests bringing the true word of god.


released December 26, 2016



all rights reserved


The Worship of Silence Oakland, California

Melodic stoner-doom band from Oakland California featuring members of Hammers of Misfortune and Floating Glasses.

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